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Ceatharlach Cill Chainnigh
Carlow Kilkenny Area (Leinster)

5 Seats 19 Candidates 13 Counts
Electorate: 105,449 Quota: 12,291
 Candidate     Party     1st Pref   Share   Quota     Count   Status   Seat 

Ann Phelan  Labour Lozenge   8,072   10.95%   0.66   12      Made Quota     1 ♀  
* John McGuinness3  Fianna Fail Lozenge   9,531   12.92%   0.78   12      Made Quota     2   ♂
§ John Paul Phelan  Fine Gael Lozenge   10,929   14.82%   0.89   13      Made Quota     3   ♂
* Phil Hogan  Fine Gael Lozenge   10,525   14.27%   0.86   13      Elected     4   ♂
Pat Deering  Fine Gael Lozenge   7,470   10.13%   0.61   13      Elected     5   ♂

* Bobby Aylward2  Fianna Fail Lozenge   6,762   9.17%   0.55   (13)      Not Elected       ♂
Kathleen Funchion  Sinn Féin Lozenge   4,075   5.53%   0.33   (11)      Eliminated     ♀  
Jennifer Murnane O'Connor  Fianna Fail Lozenge   4,428   6.00%   0.36   (10)      Eliminated     ♀  
Des Hurley  Labour Lozenge   3,908   5.30%   0.32   (9)      Eliminated       ♂
John Cassin  Sinn Féin Lozenge   2,958   4.01%   0.24   (8)      Eliminated       ♂
* Mary White1  Green/Comhaontas Glas Lozenge   2,072   2.81%   0.17   (7)      No expenses     ♀  
Conor MacLiam  Socialist Lozenge   1,135   1.54%   0.09   (6)      No expenses       ♂
Stephen Kelly  Non party/Independent Lozenge   601   0.81%   0.05   (6)      No expenses       ♂
Johnny Couchman  Non party/Independent Lozenge   384   0.52%   0.03   (5)      No expenses       ♂
John O'Hara1  Non party/Independent Lozenge   253   0.34%   0.02   (4)      No expenses       ♂
Ramie Leahy  Non party/Independent Lozenge   256   0.35%   0.02   (3)      No expenses       ♂
David Murphy  Non party/Independent Lozenge   195   0.26%   0.02   (2)      No expenses       ♂
Noel Walsh2  Non party/Independent Lozenge   119   0.16%   0.01   (1)      No expenses       ♂
John Dalton1  Non party/Independent Lozenge   70   0.09%   0.01   (1)      No expenses       ♂

Total valid 73,743 69.93%

Spoilt votes 821 1.10%

Total poll 74,564 70.71%

* outgoing TD (4)
§ outgoing Senator
Final votes required for expenses: 3,073
Candidates: 4 female (♀), 15 male (♂)
The data in the table above may be sorted by clicking on the column headings
By Elections:
22 May 2015  caused by appointment as European Commissioner of Phil Hogan on 10 September 2014

‘A reversal of fortune as Fine Gael win three out of five for the first time and Fianna Fail are reduced to just a single seat’

There were no Constituency Commission boundary changes here since 2007 and it remained a five-seat constituency.

This was another example of Fine Gael’s good vote management in this election as they managed to convert 2.4 quotas into three seats. Their vote was up 10 points on 2007 and John Paul Phelan topped the poll, just ahead of outgoing deputy Phil Hogan. This constituency like many others came down to a battle for the final seat, this time between Carlow-based Pat Deering of Fine Gael and Bobby Aylward of Fianna Fáil. Deering was in the frame in fifth place on the first count and about 700 votes ahead of Aylward. He maintained his advantage throughout the count and went on to take the final seat by a comfortable margin.

Former Ceann Comhairle Seamus Pattison had held a seat here for Labour from 1961 until his retirement in 2007 when the party failed to retain his seat. They increased their vote in this election by 7 points on the party’s 2007 performance and with one quota between the party’s two candidates they were well placed to regain their seat. Kilkenny-based Ann Phelan was well ahead of running mate, Carlow-based Des Hurley on the first count and she went on to take the first seat on the 12th count.

This was another very poor result for Fianna Fáil as the party went from three seats in 2007 to just one in 2011, despite getting their best first preference vote of this election, 28.10% in this five seater. M J Nolan retired and Jennifer Murnane O’Connor replaced him on the ticket. The Fianna Fáil vote was down by 20 points but with 1.7 quotas they should have been in contention for a second seat. But their vote was spread over three candidates and this left Aylward outside the frame on the first count and Fianna Fáil ended up with just a single seat as Aylward lost the battle for the final seat.

Sinn Fein increased its vote by six points but with just 0.6 quotas spread over two candidates, the party’s leading candidate Kathleen Funchion was too far off the pace and was outside the frame on the first count with less than half a quota. She thus had little chance of a seat and so it proved.

Outgoing Green party TD and Minister of State Mary White lost her seat as she got just 2.8% of the first preference vote and she, like many of her party colleagues, lost the right to reclaim her expenses.

Conor MacLiam of the Socialist party, the widower of the late Susie Long, did poorly and got just 2% of the vote. He lost his right to reclaim his expenses, as did all seven independent candidates who all polled poorly.

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