Election to the United Kingdom Parliament held in Northern Ireland
General Election of Thursday 4 July 2024

Boundary Revisions

Although the constituencies in Northern Ireland in 2024 appear to be much the same as in 2019 (only one minor change to a name), the changes in boundaries are significant. This was in line with a UK-wide policy to make the electorates of all constituencies roughly equal (with some exceptions, not relevant to Northern Ireland). The number of seats remains the same at eighteen.

The details are contained in Final Recommendations Report of the 2023 Review of Parliamentary Constituencies published by the Boundary Commission for Northern Ireland in June 2023.

The draft Order in Council giving effect to the new Parliamentary constituency boundaries recommendations was submitted by the Government to the Privy Council Office on 27 October 2023 and approved at the Privy Council on 15 November 2023. The Parliamentary Constituencies Order 2023 came into force on 29 November 2023, and the new boundaries took effect for the July 2024 UK Parliamentary election.

See this map of the revised constituencies in Northern Ireland (see page 119).


The General Election was held on Thursday 4 July 2024. Polling took place between 7am and 10pm. Counting took place overnight and all counts were complete by Friday morning.

All seats in this election were single member, elected using ‘first past the post’ ie the candidate with the most votes after a single count is the winner. All candidates are required to pay a deposit of £500. This is returned if they gain more than 5% of the total votes cast.


Despite not making any gains, Sinn Féin ended up with the largest number of seats for the first time. The DUP lost three seats: Antrim North to TUV (their first MP), Antrim South to UUP (their first MP elected since 2015) and Lagan Valley to Alliance. However, Alliance lost its Down North seat to an Independent. The SDLP retained their two seats.

Results Summary


Sinn Féin icon 7 (=); DUP icon 5 (-3); SDLP icon 2 (=); ALL icon 1 (=); TUV icon 1 (+1); UUP icon 1 (+1); IND logo 1 (+1)

In the results below, GAIN by party and CHANGE of individual are highlighted. The Index of Change (IoC) is an indication of how the constituency has been affected by boundary revisions. The official results are available from the Electoral Office for Northern Ireland.

Antrim East

2024 DUP icon Sammy Wilson

2019 DUP icon Sammy Wilson

MAP  IoC: 13.7

Antrim North

2024 TUV icon Jim Allister

2019 DUP icon Ian Paisley Jnr

MAP  IoC: 11.4

Antrim South

2024 UUP icon Robin Swann

2019 DUP icon Paul Girvan

MAP  IoC: 5.7

Belfast East

2024 DUP icon Gavin Robinson

2019 DUP icon Gavin Robinson

MAP  IoC: 14.8

Belfast North

2024 John Finucane*

2019 John Finucane*

MAP  IoC: 14.4

Belfast South and Down Mid

2024 Claire Hanna

Belfast South

2019 Claire Hanna

MAP  IoC: 22.3

Belfast West

2024 Paul Maskey*

2019 Paul Maskey*

MAP  IoC: 17.5

Down North

2024 IND logo Alex Easton

2019 Alliance Stephen Farry

MAP  IoC: 4.7

Down South

2024 Chris Hazzard*

2019 Chris Hazzard*

MAP  IoC: 19.2

Fermanagh and Tyrone South

2024 Pat Cullen*

2019 Michelle Gildernew*§

MAP  IoC: 10.5


2024 Colum Eastwood

2019 Colum Eastwood

MAP  IoC: 6.5

Lagan Valley

2024 Alliance Sorcha Lucy Eastwood

2019 DUP icon Jeffrey Donaldson§

MAP  IoC: 18.8

Londonderry East

2024 DUP icon Gregory Campbell

2019 DUP icon Gregory Campbell

MAP  IoC: 4.0

Newry and Armagh

2024 Dáire Hughes*

2019 Mickey Brady*§

MAP  IoC: 13.0


2024 DUP icon Jim Shannon

2019 DUP icon Jim Shannon

MAP  IoC: 21.8

Tyrone West

2024 Orfhlaith Begley*

2019 Orfhlaith Begley*

MAP  IoC: 6.1

Ulster Mid

2024 Cathal Mallaghan*

2019 Francie Molloy*§

MAP  IoC: 9.3

Upper Bann

2024 DUP icon Carla Lockhart

2019 DUP icon Carla Lockhart

MAP  IoC: 16.4

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*Candidates elected for Sinn Féin do not take their seats in the House of Commons

§MP who retired at 2024 election

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