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General Election of 6 June 1997
Changes during 28th Dáil

1997 General Election

Fianna Fáil77  Fine Gael54  Labour17  Progressive Democrats4  Democratic Left4  Green2  Sinn Fein1  Socialist1  Independent6

A minority coalition Government is formed between Fianna Fáil and the Progressive Democrats (81 seats), with support from four independents - Harry Blaney (Donegal North East), Mildred Fox (Wicklow), Thomas Gildea (Donegal South West), and Jackie Healy Rae (Kerry South). Labour TD Seamus Pattison (Carlow Kilkenny) is elected Ceann Comhairle.
Date Gain Loss Constituency Note
26/06/97 Ceann Comhairle (Speaker) gain from Labour Carlow Kilkenny Seamus Pattison elected Ceann Comhairle
27/09/97 Loss by Labour Limerick East Death of Jim Kemmy
20/10/97 Loss by Fianna Fáil Dublin North Ray Burke resigns
11/03/98 Labour Hold Limerick East Jan O'Sullivan retains late Jim Kemmy's seat in By Election
11/03/98 Labour Gain Dublin North Seán Ryan wins By Election for Ray Burke's seat
14/03/98 Loss by Fine Gael Cork South Central Death of Hugh Coveney
13/10/98 Independent gain from Labour Louth Michael Bell resigns from Labour
23/10/98 Fine Gael Hold Cork South Central Simon Coveney retains his late father's seat in By Election
30/11/98 Labour gain from Independent Louth Michael Bell rejoins Labour
24/01/99 Labour gain from Democratic Left Dublin North West Proinsias de Rossa joins Labour in merger with DL
24/01/99 Labour gain from Democratic Left Dublin South West Pat Rabbitte joins Labour in merger with DL
24/01/99 Labour gain from Democratic Left Dun Laoghaire Eamon Gilmore joins Labour in merger with DL
24/01/99 Labour gain from Democratic Left Wicklow Liz McManus joins Labour in merger with DL
22/02/99 Loss by Labour Dublin South Central Death of Pat Upton (see News Article)
27/10/99 Labour Hold Dublin South Central Mary Upton retains her late brother's seat in By Election
--/02/99 Independent gain from Fianna Fáil Mayo Beverley Cooper Flynn resigns from Fianna Fáil
03/11/99 Fianna Fáil gain from Independent Mayo Beverley Cooper Flynn rejoins Fianna Fáil
09/02/00 Independent gain from Fianna Fáil Kerry North Denis Foley resigns Fianna Fáil
21/03/00 Loss by Labour Tipperary South Death of Michael Ferris
07/06/00 Independent gain from Fianna Fáil Dublin West Liam Lawlor resigns Fianna Fáil
22/06/00 Independent Gain Tipperary South Seamus Healy wins late Michael Ferris' seat in By Election
20/09/00 Loss by Fine Gael Tipperary South Death of Theresa Ahearn (see News Article)
11/04/01 Independent gain from Fianna Fáil Mayo Beverley Cooper Flynn expelled from Fianna Fáil (see News Article)
01/07/01 Fine Gael Hold Tipperary South Tom Hayes holds seat for Fine Gael in By Election

Changes during 28th Dáil

Fianna Fáil -4  Fine Gael -  Labour +3  Progressive Democrats -  Democratic Left -4  Green -  Sinn Fein -  Socialist -  Independent +4

Final state of 28th Dáil

Fianna Fáil 73  Fine Gael 54  Labour 20  Progressive Democrats 4  Green 2  Sinn Fein 1  Socialist 1  Independent 10

Total of 165 seats. At dissolution there were no vacant seats, and Carlow Kilkenny TD Seamus Pattison (elected for Labour) as Ceann Comhairle gave overall total of 166 seats.
At dissolution the Government commanded only 77 votes, and even with the support of the original four independents was two votes short of the 83 required for an overall majority. However, Denis Foley and Liam Lawlor, who resigned from Fianna Fail during the 28th Dáil, and Beverley Cooper-Flynn who was expelled from FF Parliamentary Party following her lost libel case against RTÉ, did not cause the Government any difficulties when it came to divisions.